Are you feeling Overwhelmed, Anxious and Fearful?

Are you feeling very overwhelmed right now? It has been a very difficult couple of years with Covid, Lockdowns, and now War in the Ukraine. It can feel that there is constant overwhelming bad news in our lives. It helps to make some time away from the news and social media. Create space in your life for some downtime. Relax.  Also physically moving your body helps alleviate stress and any exercise creates those positive endorphins.

On top of all the bad news you may have other personal issues that are worrying you and making you anxious. Being human we learn to fear. Fear of taking the wrong step.”Oh I can’t do that. What will happen if I make this change?” We stop taking risks and therefore we feel that we cannot change a situation or move in a different direction. We fear criticism and this can prevent us from paying attention to what we need.

Facing the truth is hard but anxiety can be a way of letting us know that the situation we are in isn’t right for us. Pay attention to what feels good or bad  for you. We all need some let up from bad news, overwork, sleep deprivation. If there is a worry in your life that isn’t sitting right with you, you can do something about it. Are you hiding from a difficult truth or situation? Tap into what is going on for you. Are you hanging onto a hurt, guilt or shame? Who might you be if you let go of these feelings?

You don’t have a choice about what you are going to feel next, but you do have a choice about what you are going to do about how you feel and that requires some work on your part. Emotional awareness is inside of you, not outside of you.  Are you living in fear? It’s your life. What are you  living it for?  Life isn’t easy and there is no-one that has an easy time of it. Give all you can to Life, pay attention and you will receive in return more than you can imagine.

If you are looking for the answers I can help you.