There is one resolution we can give ourselves this year and that is compassion. We can all relate to each other over Covid 19 and now Omicron. How it has kept us from our families and loved ones. We have felt isolated, unable to plan and follow social activities with the usual ease. We may have work issues and the anxiety over the pandemic can result in feelings of depression and loneliness. The world has changed and we are learning to be resilient going forward.

It is time to show one another compassion. Understanding why someone maybe short-tempered or being impatient in the queue at the petrol station. What is happening in their lives?

If we are curious why someone maybe acting a certain way, it can help us to understand and show compassion for them. When someone is highly stressed the negativity ignites the amygdala with cortisol and this creates a feeling of danger in the brain. With cortisol there can be no endorphins and there is a feeling of being defended.

Compassion is the highest form of human potential in any of the religions. Compassion can create better relationships shifting from judgement to curiosity and understanding.

If we can give compassion to another we can also benefit from it for ourselves. We can constantly berate ourselves for making a mistake or not being “good enough” in some way. We are all flawed human beings and compassion is accepting ourselves whatever mistakes we make or schedules we cannot keep to. Learn to be compassionate towards yourself and this gets easier with practice.