Couple Therapy

I am a trained Couple Counsellor with a Diploma in Transpersonal Couple Counselling and Psychotherapy. This includes Psychosexual counselling.

In couple counselling, the client is the relationship between the two partners. It is in fact, the field between them that they have co-created together, that is in crisis and in need of a new direction.

I help the couple find the core reasons for the problems they experience and provide the “tools” to help the couple work towards healing and reconciliation. Exploring and understanding negative habits and patterns of behaviour that may have become unconscious leads to possible change and self-growth.

Couple counselling is for any couple experiencing conflict in their relationship. It may not necessarily be an intimate relationship. It can be family members or workplace relationships. The counsellor would act as a facilitator to help the couple identify areas of conflict and stuck patterns of communication and behaviour, providing a safe space where both parties can express their perceptions and expectations of the relationship. The aim is to help them decide on what changes will help to resolve the problems.

Testimonial from Mr and Mrs H……

“We found Couples Counselling very useful. Both of us have learned how to communicate better with one another, as well as having a greater understanding of the other partner’s wants and needs. We have learned more about ourselves as individuals and why we have emotional triggers that arise. As a couple we can now address issues better and work through them as a team. Kath has taught us how to be more accommodating, sympathetic and patient with one another.

Couples Counselling was completely equal, we both felt included and communicated with fairly. We felt it was a safe environment to discuss the issues in our relationship and Kath supported us with things to try at home and how to move forward.”

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Discover the freedom of Online Therapy.
Online therapy is an ideal solution for individuals and Couples seeking counselling. It has many benefits and it may be the difference between seeking help or not.
If you have a webcam on your computer or tablet and have a good internet connection you will find that online therapy can be very effective, convenient and accessible. Would Online therapy make a difference in your life and help you towards a healthier future? Any worries about the technical side of going online would be explained.Get in touch by email or phone if you have any questions

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