The Big Leap Of Faith

“When there is a hill to climb
waiting won’t make it smaller” Anon

Your life may not be working out for you at present. You are struggling with anger, anxiety, and there maybe irrational outbursts that you can’t explain. Are you struggling to trust people, to keep friends, or have a relationship. It could be that your work is affected by your mood and even though you don’t understand why you feel this way, it is as if you are walking on a knife edge.

Maybe you are dependent on alcohol to feel better or food to numb the feelings you don’t understand. Are you difficult to live with?
There maybe a “trigger” that starts the spiral of negative thinking and depression. A trigger can be a feeling of anxiety, something someone does or says. This causes an emotional reaction. i.e. raised voices, a loud sound, a smell, a touch. The reason for the trigger may not be consciously recognized and registered.

The risk is to minimize our feelings. “I can cope. It’s too stupid… I am wasting my/their time. It’s not going to work. I shouldn’t feel this way. My problem isn’t as bad as some problems other people have. I should be ashamed, its small in comparison. It’s a sign of weakness to ask for help”. WRONG, it is brave to have that Big Leap of Faith, to turn to a professional to help you.

If something isn’t sitting right with you, you need help.

It is not what is wrong with you, it is what has happened to you.

Once we can understand the basic problem and begin to resolve it we can make shifts in all areas of your life. Take the Big Leap of Faith and the world will seem a better place.